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Access your store's Colors Theme Editor to customize your theme. You can easily change the colors, typographies, logo, home page layout, and many other things from your store.

You will find using Colors Theme it's pretty intuitive. If you get confused or just have a question don't hesitate to contact us and we will answer your question as fast as we can.


Collections Page

How do I create a selection of Collections?

Access your store's admin page and on the left nav go to Online Store and then Navigation. Click the Add a link list button and create a new link list with title "List Collections" (it's important you use exactly this same title). Then on the Links section start adding all your collections in the desired order. It's important all the links on this list have the "Links to..." option with

How do I change the order of Collections?

Follow same instructions as in the previous answer (How do I create a selection of Collections?) and when you have your list ready, just drag and drop the list elements through the dots icon on the left of each item to re-order the list.


How do I add a newsletter form?

You can easily add to the footer of the page a newsletter form (so users can introduce their email and sign up for your newsletter). Just go to Theme Editor > Sections > Footer > Newsletter > Show.